Our Story

Grow Your Own Freedom is the business venture of married couple Jordan Scroble and Danielle Nuhfer.

We've been gardening and working to improve our health for at least the last 9 years. We started simply with just a few containers, and a sunny outside staircase leading up to our 2nd floor apartment. We could enjoy fresh culinary herbs, juicy tomatoes, and spicy peppers just a few steps out our door.

Once we bought our own home in late 2010, we started crafting plans for expanding the container garden to a couple simple raised garden beds and from there the addiction to gardening truly began. Not a season goes by that we are not tweaking things here and there to maximize our relatively small amount of space, and to ensure everything we grow makes sense for our dietary interests.

After a couple of years in our home, we decided to create a small community garden strip in the alley behind our house. This was an otherwise unused space, and it received great sun exposure. This turned out to be a hit with our neighbors and to this day we still enjoy seeing parents and kids walking by and picking a fresh raspberry, a plump tomato, searching for the next monster zucchini, or just glancing in to the rest of our garden.

In 2014 we solidified the idea of Grow Your Own Freedom and began building raised garden beds and installing them all around Berks County, PA. We continued down the path of living a healthy lifestyle and both took interest in herbal medicine and aromatherapy which led to our Handcrafted Natural and Organic Bodycare business.

We currently provide Custom Raised Garden Beds for you to grow your very own organic vegetable garden, Handcrafted Natural and Organic Bodycare free from harmful synthetic ingredients, and Online Education Courses.

We just welcomed a new addition to our family in March of 2018. Lucas is sure keeping us busy as new parents. Danielle is also busy developing Mindfulness Resources for Educators at Teaching Well. And Jordan is intrigued with a new Beekeeping hobby.

Thanks for reading a little bit about us and we look forward to working with you on a garden project soon or hope you find some of our bodycare products to be exactly what you need.

-Jordan and Danielle @ Grow Your Own Freedom.