Gardening Tips

How to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden

For a brand new gardener, the thought of starting a vegetable garden can seem completely overwhelming and can leave you feeling not knowing where to start. Rest assured that it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem and the best action to take is to simply begin.

At Grow Your Own Freedom we like raised garden beds for new gardens and new gardeners for a variety of reasons. Raised garden beds can be placed right over the lawn and keep the garden nice and compact by maximizing the planting space. Plus the soil in the raised garden bed stays light and loose which is perfect for delicate plant roots.

The main steps when starting an organic vegetable garden involve:

  • Location
  • Garden Size
  • Soil
  • Water
  • What To Grow

Identify the best possible vegetable garden location.

-The location should receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily

-Should be close to a permanent water source

-Should be as close to your kitchen as possible

A good size to start with.

-A single 4’x8’ raised garden bed is perfect for a single person up to a small family with little to know gardening experience.

-Two 4’x8’ raised garden beds is perfect for a couple or small family serious about growing their own veggies or someone with a little gardening experience

-If building your own raised bed we recommend against any pressure treated lumber

Start with the best possible soil from the start.

-Good soil is loaded with nutrients (we like a compost blend soil mix)

-Drains well yet readily absorbs water

-Is loose and not compact

Water considerations for vegetable gardens.

-The best way to water your garden is with a soaker hose or drip hose which can even be automated

-Your garden typically needs to be watered well 2 times a week

Plant what you like to eat.

-Be aware of space hogs like summer squash and zucchini

-Take advantage of “cut and come again” greens, high yielding tomatoes, and quick growing radishes

Best of luck in your gardening adventures and know that it is never too late to start a veggie garden!