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Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening Resources

For the Suburban Gardener Creating A Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

Our Goal Is Simple:

To Provide The Resources You Need To Start And Maintain Your Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Garden

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About Jordan and Danielle and Grow Your Own Freedom


We thoroughly love growing our own fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and we are here to share our experiences, resources and services to help you on your journey of growing your own freedom.

In the early 2000s we were both very focused on regular exercise (we are both avid runners, triathletes, and yogis) and caring for ourselves and were shocked at how many harmful pesticides and synthetic ingredients comprise the foods and the soaps, creams, lotions and perfumes that stock the shelves we as consumers are presented with in stores.

Feeling a little overwhelmed, we decided the simplest action we could take was to start growing some of our own food.  This way, we could be assured that what we were eating was grown safely and would nourish our bodies.

In 2011, after the purchase of our first home together, we quickly became enthralled with the possibilities of growing food in our small, suburban backyard (less than ¼ acre).  We built our very first raised garden beds (since our yard is nothing but hard packed clay) that spring and really truly fell in love with gardening.  

We started Grow Your Own Freedom in 2014 to share our passion, knowledge and philosophy with others.

Whether it is beginning to grow your own food, knowing a little bit more about the items you buy, going back to basics and enjoying a simpler lifestyle, or discovering nature’s goodness, we are here to help you on this journey.

Our Most Recent Blogs

Attract Parasitic Wasps toYour Vegetable Garden

Attract Wasps To Your Vegetable Garden…And Why You Would Want To

Why you want to attract wasps to your vegetable garden…it’s certainly not to get stung! About 2 weeks ago I was in our greenhouse and noticed a few tomato leaves on one plant looked like they had been chewed down. Nothing major, just a few leaves. More of an “oh that’s interesting” than an “uh …

80/20 Rule of Vegetable Gardening

Improve Your Vegetable Garden With The 20% That Matters Most

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule? If you are in the business world you most likely have, if not this is probably your first introduction to it and now you will see it everywhere. This principle basically says that approximately 80% of the effects come from just 20% of the …

How to Prepare And Plant for a Fall Harvest (1)

How to Prepare and Plant the Vegetable Garden for a Fall Harvest

How to Prepare and Plant the Vegetable Garden for a Fall Harvest. Do you typically just plant all of your veggies and herbs at one time in the Spring? If not, how many crops do you get out of the exact same garden bed space? Did you know that even in the Northeast United States you …

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Elevated Cedar Garden Bed

Elevated Cedar Garden Bed

Comfortably grow your delicate salad greens, herbs, and cut flowers on your deck or patio with this attractive elevated garden.

Our Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Services And Installations For The Greater Reading, PA Area

Starting a garden can be a bit overwhelming at first. What plants grow best around here?  What time of year do I plant tomatoes?  Do I plant seeds or small starter seedlings?  When and how much should I water?  Can I just plant right into my lawn?

Relax.  We can help and answer all of your questions and save you time trying to find out all of the answers yourself.

The Process

Natural and Organic Body Care Products

For simplicity, we have decided to move our natural and organic body care products from our website to our Etsy Shop – GrowYourOwnFreedom.

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