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Hopefully you have received value in the content we have shared and maybe you are interested in seeing us continue our venture in vegetable gardening, simple living, and growing our own freedom.

We want to continue to create new content that answers your questions, and helps you on your journey towards 21st century simplicity. But operating a website does have costs and so we are exploring some additional revenue streams.

We have been playing around with various ways to monetize our website for several months. We hate advertisements on websites, or at least the really obnoxious ones, and we are not really in favor of this option. We like the concept of affiliate marketing where commissions are earned if we direct you to another website and you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).

Sure, you can hire us for our gardening services if that interests you. You can buy our natural and organic body care products from our Etsy Shop. And we will continue to develop guides, workbooks, online courses, and other paid digital content in the future. We also have intentions of exploring podcasting because, well, we really love podcasts! Hopefully some video content will also be possible.

In the meantime, if you get value out of what we do, and want to ensure we continue to provide as much free content as possible, please consider making a one-time donation to us via Paypal. Your donation allows us to experiment with new tools and techniques and then share our ongoing experiences with you so that hopefully you can bypass all of our struggles and failures. We think that is the goal of most blogs anyway, to share personal experiences so that others can learn and better their own lives.

We greatly appreciate the consideration and thank you so much if you make such a donation.

We also want to hear from you. What do you hope to learn from us? What are you struggling with in terms of finding or creating simplicity in your life? What do you look forward to reading about when you visit our website? Email us at

Thanks so much and have a great day!

– Jordan and Danielle

Support Grow Your Own Freedom by making a one-time donation via Paypal.