Our Favorite Vegetable Gardening Resources

The 10 Step Vegetable Gardening System for Beginners eBook

The Special Features of this system:

  • A powerful, focused step-by-step system to create, maintain, and improve your very own garden year after year with less effort, time, energy, and resources
  • Focuses on only the most important tasks that need to happen in order to get your garden growing, thriving, and producing the vegetables and herbs that you want
  • Once you master the first 4 Steps, you just continue repeating the last 6 steps year after year

Benefits of this 10 Step System:

  • You will have total clarity on how to start, maintain and improve your garden year after year and how to manage it to produce the harvest you want.
  • Your will feel focused and confident about the most important tasks to do next without feeling overwhelmed or that your time is being wasted.
  • Your experience will improve year after year as you hone your skills, do more of what works well for you, and do less of the things you don’t want to be doing.

The 10 Step Vegetable Gardening System for Beginners Companion Workbook

The 10 Step Vegetable Gardening System for Beginners Companion Workbook will:

  • Guide you through each part of our 10 step system
  • Provide thought provoking questions to assess your own unique needs
  • Help you create a SMART goal for your garden
  • Help you create a plan for establishing, maintaining and improving your garden year after year with less effort, time, energy and resources
  • Help you create a planting and maintenance schedule so you know exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Improve your gardening experience as you learn to do more of what really works for you and less of the things that don’t

Tools to Determine the Best Location for your Vegetable Garden

Google Maps: This is a great tool to use to get an overhead image of your property. Simply enter your address and zoom in a bit to quickly check out some areas of where a garden could be placed. I like to use “Satelite” mode so that buildings, trees, etc. show up on the map. It may not be completely up to date but this will give you a great starting point and a quick reference of the north/south orientation of your home. You always want to orient your garden so it gets the maximum amount of sun possible which typically will mean good southern sun exposure. Using this tool you should be able to get an idea of any possible trees or structures that might cast a shadow on your garden during certain parts of the day.

SunCalc: This is a tool that utilizes google maps just as described above with the addition of showing the sun’s movement throughout the day on any given day of the year. This is great if you are thinking about your garden in the middle of winter and want to see how sunlight may be in June. This is great especially if you just moved in to your house and aren’t quite sure how the sunlight will be during the growing season.

Watering Your Vegetable Garden

Garden Hoses: Nothing frustrates me more than cheap, kink riddled hoses. It is definitely worth a little extra money to invest in a good quality garden hose. This garden hose NeverKink 5/8-Inch by 50-Feet Series 3000 Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose has definitely saved me plenty of frustration.

Soaker Hoses: For a good inexpensive soaker hose that gets water right to your soil rather than on the plants, this a good starter option Gilmour Flat Weeper/Soaker Hose, 50 Feet. It can easily be cut to length to fit a smaller bed if 50′ is too much. For a 4’x8′ raised garden bed, I usually snake one of these throughout the bed to have 4 or 5 lengthwise runs.

Drip Irrigation Kits: If you want to upgrade a bit from a simple soaker hose then I recommend one of these complete irrigation kits offered by DripWorks.  They offer three kits specifically for garden beds.

Garden Hose Timer: Anything that you can automate in the garden, you definitely should. With this automatic timer Orbit Single-Dial Water Timer you can can set it and forget it, knowing that your garden is getting watered even when you aren’t home. Use this in conjunction with a drip irrigation kit or with a garden hose and soaker hose.

Online Sources for Vegetable Seeds

Fedco: This is my new favorite online resource for organic seeds. Great prices and shipping, especially for larger quantities of seed.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Excellent variety of seeds, tools and supplies.

Botanical Interests: Great variety of heirloom and organic seeds.

Our Favorite Nurseries for Vegetable and Herb Starter Plants

(Local to Reading, PA)

Esbenshade’s Garden Centers: Nice varieties and supplies, including fruit trees, and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Black Creek Greenhouse and Nursery: Huge variety, can be overwhelming but everything is well marked and alphabetical.

Kings Herb Nook: Really neat little shop with a variety of organic vegetable and herbs starts (call first though to confirm availability), dried herbs and an assortment of herbal products.

Our Favorite Resources for Growing Fruit

Backyard Fruit Growers: I joined this group in early 2016 and had a great time at workshops focused on unusual fruit and fruit tree grafting. For someone interested in growing fruit trees on their property, this is a great group for the Southeastern PA Area.

Stark Brothers: Excellent selection of fruit and nut trees, and berries. Good selection of bare root plants and good prices.

Edible Landscaping: Excellent selection of fruit and nut trees, and berries. Their specialty is shipping potted plants, not bare root plants.