Why should we care about exploring ideas and habits for living simply? Because…

Life can feel like a roller coaster of work, family, and other commitments. Technology was supposed to give us more time; make us more efficient. Buying more stuff was supposed to make us happy and content. Instead, we just have higher expectations, we want more and more, and we never actually realize any more time or lasting happiness.

We need to slow down. Take some time to breathe.

We want freedom in our lives so we can feel less weighed down, less burdened, and so we can focus on what matters most to us.

We want to feel good about ourselves. Most, if not all of us, certainly want to be happy and content. We hope to live a meaningful life. We yearn to be able to focus on a new hobby, develop good health, and build relationships with our family, friends and community.

The Foundation of Ideas and Habits for Living Simply

Explore our 4 principles for living simply which will help you live a meaningful life with greater well-being:

Grow What You Can

Build a strong connection with the food you eat.

Know What You Buy

Make informed decisions about everything you spend your money on.

Go Back to Basics

Simplify your schedule, environment and financial obligations to make room for the things that matter most to you.

Discover Nature’s Goodness

Appreciate, understand, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Essential Exercise for Simple Living

Exercise is one of several components of overall well-being. I find it to be highly beneficial for mental and cognitive health as well physical health. Exercise as a whole is an incredible stress management tool to help us cope with our busy lives. An essential exercise is something that can be done nearly anywhere with minimal equipment and accessories. Something that doesn’t require a group – this works for me but if you are more of a social person a group setting would most likely be better. It has to be an effective use of time and it has to be enjoyable. I want to be able to continue exercising for the rest of my life which means that I ...
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3 Money Habits for Simple Living

We are told that certain debt is good debt. This is a lie, or as some would say an “alternative fact”. I don’t care how you spin it, how on earth is debt a good thing? Honestly. If you could choose to have or to not have debt, which would you choose? Then why are we continuously told that some debt, certain debt, is good? I can only think that it is so we spend more money and buy more stuff. But more things do not result in long term happiness. They just mostly add clutter to and complicate our lives. We sorely will be left continuously wanting and desiring more, if we believe money can buy us happiness. Money ...
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How I Found 5 Minutes To Meditate Every Single Day

Danielle has been encouraging me to meditate for as long as I can remember. Not sure what I should think about that exactly. Apparently she observed me struggling with patience and stress from an early point. I can attest that I would definitely lose my cool over things of very little significance. I still do now, though I hope less frequently. At first, she simply recommended that I should meditate. I’m sure she had specific guidance and suggestions but I certainly wasn’t listening. So I would give it a try. But sitting still for a minute would invoke ideas to race around in my mind and I would fret over forgetting that one super important thing that I just remembered I needed ...
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